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Here is the 6-week plan for starting running

We are glad that you have decided to add running to your routine. Running is arguably the best fat-burning exercise, and moderate exercise keeps our joints and bones healthy and strong. Humans are designed to move – only by moving can we keep ourselves both physically and mentally healthy.

A few tips before starting your running routine:

Be sure to choose running shoes for running. Regarding the selection of sneakers, feel free to write to or ask a sports store for recommendations. I recommend choosing a training shoe that is comfortable on the foot and that is not designed for fast-paced running (i.e. not a competition shoe). The right shoes and socks are very important when running to avoid injuries and get the most out of your workout. For example, Nike model Pegasus or React are considered very good shoes for recreational runners. It is important to choose a running shoe about a size larger than your usual foot size (while running, the foot swells and the shoe may start to press and rub uncomfortably if the number is a so-called normal size). If possible, try different models and, above all, choose the one that feels comfortable on your feet 🙂

It is also highly recommended to have a sports watch (e.g. Garmin) that measures your heart rate and running pace as accurately as possible. The choice of running pace based on heart rate is especially important for beginners, so that running is first of all a pleasant activity. Running according to the heart rate is equally important for advanced runners, because only by listening to your own body can you achieve the best results.

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A selection of warm-up and stretching exercises

Before every running workout, it is recommended to choose 3-4 warm-up exercises to do before the workout in order to better prepare your body for upcoming training. After training, you could also choose 3-4 different stretching exercises from here to release the muscles from post-training tension. There are also some strength exercises that are recommended to be done twice a week at a time convenient for you to support running.


Warm-up exercises Stretching exercises Strength training exercises








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